Even the Devil needs a day job

Even the Devil needs a day job, and mine happens to currently be in an office. This is the first time I have experienced anything like this. I do not have a cubical prison-cell work space, but am chained to the desk with a headset. It is the first time I have seen a room full of peoples simultaneously expresses misery and happiness, and some times its hard to know which is genuine and what is contrived camouflage of sheep skin! Even I have been seduced by the culture of overly feeling something, if just to feel in the environment; I enjoy my job, and loathe the monotony of the everyday. This in itself is real horror! 

That is why I have endeavoured to give something back to the devils of Office Hell, with these new mugs for the wolves. Limited to 13 each design. More to follow.

People and Places.

I have been neglecting my online duties of late, but honestly it's because I really have not being doing much, apart from working. 

However, something new and exciting is coming into place! A new exhibition, currently untitled, on the subject of People and Places. Not much else to tell you about the show yet though. More to follow!

For now enjoy a photograph, taken through a pub window.

Satan and Steel City

I have been living in Sheffield around about a week now, and I have never felt more at home. This shall be a short entry though however, because I am unsure on what else to update all you little Devils on.

I am putting together an art studio, which I haven't had for awhile, and it will be the biggest I have ever had. I have a new day job, I started today, and this position will be more than adequate to provide funding for my work. 


Stay tuned. Nightmares follow.


When I was growing up I found a strange comfort in the horror genre, and still do to this day. Many of my friends and family were worried about me, I just couldn’t get enough of it, no matter in what package it came, even if it was really badly made, I needed to experience it. This compulsion however, is what got me through my childhood, as I was heavily bullied, and found friends in the “villains” and “monsters” in the films and books, that I consumed with a thirst (for blood?).

I was involved in catharsis on a daily basis, without even realising it. I saw beyond what these “monsters” were doing or had done. I knew no one is born “good” or “evil”, and that monsters are made. “Good” and “evil” are constructs of humanities need to justify its own actions and no one ever considers themselves “evil” either, as morality is forever shifting and is very dependent on the constructs of the society one lives in and the persons own motivations and perspective.

I could see that “monster” were often in pain, angry, and sometimes even scared, like Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Frankenstein’s Monster in Frankenstein. They wanted to be understood and to have justice for what was done to them, and I could relate to this, as I knew what that felt like. I rooted for the “monster”, because the so called “victims” are rarely innocent and often embody and symbolize what hurt them, and what ‘made the monster’ in the first place. They more often than not deserved their fate.

I was made into a monster by cruel bullies, so now I embrace it and where it like armor. If people want to see me as a monster, then let them, and let them be scared.


I'm born villain

Don't pretend to be a victim – Marilyn Manson


Exhibition Soundtrack


Each track listed has been carefully chosen to reflect as many people’s experiences with love and romance as possible. Everyday these tracks play on a loop, and on shuffle, so it is hard to predict at what song with be playing at anyone time.

Music is important in creating the right atmosphere; in this exhibition the atmosphere shifts, depending on what track one walks in on, and how much that track means to that individual. The sense of the show twists for that individual, helping one to feel closer to the work, provides a more impactful cathartic experience.


Adele – Someone Like You

Amy Macdonald – Mr. Rock & Roll

The Bangles – Eternal Flame

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

Bill Withers – Just as I Am

Bobby Darlin – Dream Lover

The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

The Carpenters – Close to You

Chris Issak – Wicked Game

The Cranberries – Linger

The Cure – Lovesong

David Bowie – Kooks

Desire – Under You Spell

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love

Gloria Gaynor – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Hoobastank – The Reason

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Jake Bugg – A Song About Love

Jake Bugg - Broken

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

Lana Del Ray – Gods & Monsters

Lou Reed – Perfect Day

Mariah Carey – Without You

Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

No Doubt – Don’t Speak

Philip Glass – It Was Always You, Helen

Placebo – Protège-Moi

R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts

Radiohead - Creep

Radiohead - Exit Music (For a Film)

Robbie Williams – Angels

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses

Rozette – It Must Have Been Love

Sinead O’Conner – Nothing Compares to You

Slipknot – Snuff

Stevie Nicks – Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

Tom Odell – Another Love

Tom Odell – Real Love

Carina Round – For Everything A Reason

Dean Martin – Love Me, My Love

Michel Polnareff – Love Me, Please, Love Me

Nat King Cole – Unforgettable

The Magnetic Fields – Asleep and Dreaming

Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting

Michal Bolton – When a Man Loves a Woman

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

Gary Jules – Mad World

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

My Chemical Romance – I Don’t Love You

Eels – Love of the Loveless

Dido – White Flag

C’eline Dion – The Power of Love

Britney Spears – Everytime

Areosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Neko Case – I Wish I was the Moon

Queen – Too Much Love Will Kill You

Paul McCartnery – Maybe I’m Amazed

Panic! At the Disco – This is Gospel

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Marilyn Manson – Just a Car Crash Away

Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

From Sketchbooks of Old

It didn't take long for me to decide that they should live here. Although, this may change if they should prove to be unhappy in their current living situations. Only time will tell.

Click on an image for more information, and an enhanced size.

Repurpose Your Christmas

Just something to passing the time. I will also be uploading some of my old sketchbook work soon. Unsure whether it should have its on page or it can go in this blog. Will Ponder. 

I wish all my little Devils a happy new year.


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I thought it may be time to start a blog. Although, if you want a general update you should check on the News tab of this website, this blog will however give a deeper insight into my practice and life as an artist. 

I shall start by uploading the photographs I took from my trip to Scotland. It was my first time visiting the country and it has left an impact on me, a feeling a can not shake. I look forward to my next visit. 


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